Portland guinea pig rescue

The Portland Guinea Pig Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Oregon whose volunteers specialize in educating the public about cavies. They rehabilitate and re-home guinea pigs in need, and work with owners on solutions so that they may keep their existing guinea pigs; barring that, they take owner-surrenders as space becomes available. 

They host one public event per month, often in a local business, in order to provide spa services for guinea pigs and education for guinea pig owners.


Rabbit advocates

Rabbit Advocates is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose volunteers specialize in educating the public about the care of domestic rabbits. They aim to place surrendered or abandoned rabbits in loving homes where they will be welcomed as family members. Formerly a part of the Oregon Humane Society, in 2002 they created a group solely devoted to promoting the welfare of domestic rabbits. The Rabbit Advocates operate an education and adoption website as well as a help line. They hold rabbit adoption outreach events and other activities at locations around the Portland Metro Area and hold monthly meetings. Watch the website for location of meetings.

tanasbourne veterinary emergency

Tanasbourne Veterinary Emergency provides care for patients in Washington County and surrounding areas during evenings, weekend and holiday hours. Their goal is to be there to treat emergency issues as they arise during the hours when your family veterinarian is not available.  They will work with your daytime vet to provide comprehensive around the clock care. They offer a complete in-house laboratory, as well as digital radiographs, endoscopy, and an ultrasound machine to help determine the severity of emergent issues.

Oregon Humane Society

Founded in 1868 , OHS is the largest humane society in the Northwest, and adopts more animals from their Portland shelter than any other single-facility shelter on the West Coast. OHS puts no time limits on how long animals remain at the shelter—a pet stays available for adoption for as long as needed to find a loving home. If a pet in their care needs medical attention, their veterinary hospital provides the pet with the same level of care you would want your own pet to receive.

Oregon Skunk Owners

Oregon Skunk Owners is a group that was created in 2015 to combat new laws proposed by the Department of Fish and Wild Life that would prohibit Oregon residents from owning or adopting domestic pet skunks.  Thanks to their dedication, these laws were not passed.  They continue to provide education and resources for fellow skunk owners in their community.